New Wattpad Profile - Finally Getting This Going

Well, just the one short story on Wattpad but over the weeks ahead, it will fill up with these.
I'll add short descriptions of these titles asap.

- Collections
The Slices Collections - The Writers Circle - 8 tales within a background story
The Slices Collections - Fear In A Flash - Up to 30 tales

- Stand Alone Short Stories
Meet Mickey
The M4 Corridor
Crossing The Veil
Date With Death

- Novellas

- Flash Fiction (the shorty tales around 1000 to 2000 words in Fear In A Flash.)

Once covers are finalised and edits, they will be up on Wattpad for a while.

Other 2018 plans include a Xmas collection titled Slay Bells Ring.

About Stephen Crowley

I write short stories and flash fiction plus currently writing novellas. My chosen genres are a mix of horror, scifi, fantasy, and drama. You can chat to me here on the blog or through my linkedin account


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