The Full Ten Fingers: TV series concept for Wheeler Occult Detective

Title: Wheeler Occult Detective Ep 1

Genre: Horror/drama/crime/fantasy

Protagonist: Young 20s wannabe private investigator Chris Wheeler gets his chance to set up a detective agency after a wish granted for a big lottery win.

Goal: To help a wish demon track down a rogue demonic horde in return for his lottery win and wealth.
Obstacle: No experience in paranormal investigation or how to deal with a powerful supernatural army.

What's important
1. Careful what you wish for,
2. Second chances happen but be wiser,
3. Love & happiness.
Thumb: Wheeler yearns for the life of a private detective after his career in the police force is blocked by a teenage conviction. Upon a wish to win the lottery to leave his string of boring jobs, a wish demon called Adam grants his wish. Chris and his loyal friends Ryan and Jessica are swept along with his new life following his fortuitous new money in endless parties, trips, and not really doing much with a new blessed rich life. But there is a price. Adam shows later after allowing Wheeler to lap it up for a while to disrupt his life of luxury with a debt to pay to him in return for the wish: Wheeler must help to destroy a demon horde intent on enslaving the human race. Wheeler reluctantly agrees despite not knowing the task at hand, losing his fortunes for him just not an option. Adam will snatch his wealth from him upon refusal.
Index: Wheeler finally with some help from friends becomes the sleuth if would-be at first by setting up his detective agency business; this is shaky ground at best, even if normal criminals were the issue. His lack of experience in dealing with the supernatural relies on Adam’s lead to find the horde. He is now a detective though not as planned as a paranormal investigator, as opposed to a standard private investigator, with a far more dangerous agenda. Battling the powers of darkness was not the plan but helping Adam is not a choice if he wants his wealth to continue.
Middle:  Adam prepares Wheeler with knowledge of the demons: their human disguise, their insatiable greed, the use of an amulet with the ability to banish the demons. Wheeler is trained to use the amulet which dispels evil if wielded by a human hence Adam’s need for Wheeler. Adam reveals he has analysed many humans and believes Wheeler to be the best keeper of the amulet and that Wheeler is stronger than he cares to admit. First confrontation arrives as Adam tracks down one of the horde to a seedy club in Cardiff and the first destructive battle with the boss Altaris almost cripples Wheeler when he is struck by dark magic.

Fourth: Wheeler decides he should perhaps quit after he is almost killed at the club. Ryan persuades Wheeler to give up his wealth and go back to his normal life, just to stay alive. The advice is sound, Wheeler wishes it from Adam.  Adam refuses to grant it explaining that he cannot alter the past, only future events. Adam shows Wheeler two visions: the first shows his crumbling wealth over a few years as he is  reduced to losing his country estate and back in his awful job (Adam’s promise), the second much worse shows him a future vision of his parents graves after they are killed by the new world of thousands of dark beings if Wheeler fails (Apocalyptic future Adam alone cannot prevent). Convinced he must stay the course, Wheeler practices in the field by responding to a paranormal attack locally and uses the amulet to banish a wraith from a young couple’s home. Adam reveals how he used to answer to Altaris and chose to leave his evil crusade and outlandish plans to take over Hell to find a way to stop it. Adam talks of a long dead civilisation that protected the amulet and its secret from demons for centuries. Adam explains how he retrieved it before one of Altaris’ demons.

Pinky: Wheeler and Adam track down Altaris as he is about to host a meeting of demons at Roch Castle in Pembrokeshire. All the guests are demons waiting to be briefed by Altaris. Wheeler and Adam sneak in and dusrupt Altaris’ speech. Wheeler now better trained banishes several demons. But Altaris escapes warning Wheeler of his impending doom if he persists in helping Adam. Adam and Wheeler and friends deliberate on the strange days passed and the path ahead as paranormal investigators. Adam also reveals that he would not have taken Wheeler’s wealth away if he refused and that both visions were simply potential dark days ahead based on his decisions. Wheeler initially angered then realises he has already clasped this new life he must lead.
Summary: Chris Wheeler bored with life in dead end jobs, yearning for the life of a private detective, makes a wish to better his life. His wish is answered and granted by Adam, a wish demon intent on using Wheeler to help him destroy a horde of escaped demons. In return for his wealth, Wheeler must help Adam banish all the horde with the use of an amulet embued with powerful dark magic unearthed by Adam and able to send demonic entities to oblivion. The amulet cannot be used by a demon, only a living soul can wield its power. Wheeler sets up his detective agency at the country estate as a paramormal investigator where with Adam at his side and armed with the amulet, he answers to distressed calls from victims of paranormal attacks.

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