Outline of main character Chris Wheeler

For the University of East Anglia screenwriting course, etched a quick and rough outline of the protagonist's actions and attributes.

Chris Wheeler
List the character’s major actions. Start from the end and work backwards. (Don’t analyse how or why; just create a list of actions.)
Actions: Becomes frustrated with his dead end job, the bully boss, and dwindling finances. As usual, lottery ticket turns up nothing. Wishes deeply for a change. Wonders how to set up his own detective agency and discusses with Ryan and Jessie. Explains to Ryan thst interest in Jessie is just as friends. Spots a white suited guy following him. Then again at Jessie’s opening night at a concert singing spots him. Adam reveals himself and asks Chris to wish for anything. Chris questions Adam about his wish demon ways. Chris wishes his boss stayed out of his face and life. Chris spots a car accident and sees the body of his dead boss hoisted into an ambulance. Chris questions Adam furiously saying the outcome was not the intention. Chris is told past events cannot be undone. Chris is asked to make a wish again to make up for indirectly killing his boss. Chris makes a wish to rid his life of the job and his borderline finances. Next lottery ticket wins Chris millions…. (To be cont...)

Analyse the list to reveal the character’s wants and needs. Is the character aware of what they want?
Chris wants a better life: more money, better job ideally as a PI. He loves the idea of being a detective like his Uncle whom inspired him as a teenager. He wishes to win the lottery, and succeeds with magic from Adam. With Adam, and his detective agency set up, he now wants to master the use of an amulet to banish demons as a occult detective. Finding and banishing supernatural evil was not his intended direction as a detective but a new need develops to gain a foothold as a trusted paranormal investigator and help people defend against dark spirits.

Describe how the character thinks and look at his or her basic psychology. Intelligent? Intellectually engaged? Cognitive Biases? Impulsive? Cautious?
Self doubt at first despite being intelligent. Easy to get along with. Cares about others. Fails to realise his true feelings for Jessie until later in the series. Trusts his judgement somewhat but lacks a bit of confidence, preferring modesty.

Describe the character’s superficial affect. How might a casual acquaintance describe them?
Pleasant. Discouraged easily at times. Even temperament though this fades later. Not as confident as he should be.

List any important physical characteristics
Can look unkempt. Good looking chap. Average height. Scar on left hand after a joy ride goes wrong, (almost killing a man, gets a conviction and suspended sentence).

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