My upcoming lineup of collections and novellas 2017


My name is Syd, I am happy... (Syd, tale in Slices)

Over 2017, much of the fiction work from the last 5 years will be assembled, probably disassembled again, and stitched back together into these collections. A selection of the below tales were originally published by Sirens Call Publications in their Halloween ezines from 2014 to 2016. You can catch their pdf ezines here which feature short tales from a number of horror writers worldwide,

As each visitor to the scream park is guided around a host of scary attractions, the estranged host has a tale to share in each attraction through 5 tales of terror until the final surprise for one unlucky visitor.
Titles not confirmed yet though the themes are:
A secret buried in a town's haunted house becomes the focus for a paranormal investigator in Barbrook Grange,
A rich man's game plays havoc with guests tempted into his deadly garden maze in Exit Strategy,
An abandoned mine unearths during a routine excavation only to reveal a monstrous threat in Beneath,
En route to an interview, a man's sanity crumbles and darker side shows during the worst Gridlock,
Road to redemption as tough as escaping the apocalypse in Zombie Road.

Tales from the labyrinths of darkness, worlds of horror only the strong willed can tolerate.
Each story is different, yet they are entwined, connected in time.
Don’t Stop 
The Timber House     
Money Or Your Soul  
The Cottage          
Love Hurts       
Life After Luke        
20 Seconds To Die     
Non-Player Character     
Rendezvous, the concluding tale brings the survivors of the previous tales together by an eccentric paranormal investigator needing help destroying a deadly spirit.

Tales of horror connecting the real world with the darkness beyond via a social media hashtag.
Take care whom you follow, tag…
3 or 4 more titles in the making.

Series of dark tales, of insanity, of death, of otherworldly beasts, of ghosts.
An examination of terror through fear, satire, romance, madness.
Cellar Door     
Date With Death              
The Attachment          
The M4 Corridor              

Series of tales set amongst the stars and beyond the known cosmos.
Tales of deadly planets, human outposts, alien encounters, and visceral fear out in the blackness of space.

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