Short tales for my collection called 'Slices' either targeting publishers or becoming novellas for some


Here are two I am working on at the moment:

Crossing The Veil (Novella)
A writer investigating coma dreams discovers a shared tale among waking coma victims of a being attempting to trap them inside their coma forever. During a motorway accident on the way from a conference about his new book, Jacob finds himself in a coma facing the entity and narrowly escapes. But when he wakes from his coma, a waking miracle after 5 years, the terror continues as he finds the demonic force will stop at nothing to damn anyone who remembers them.

#dreamscometrue (Short Story)
Sam, discontent with his life receives an invitation to use an application on his phone which promises to make dreams come true. All that is required, type what is desired, and it manifests. But, what does the speaking enigmatic app want, and at what price.

I hope to finish these soon plus 10 or more short tales, 2 book series and an interactive novel.

On screenplays, I think I have narrowed it down to some preferences to start once the above is close to completion.


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